Michael Lanaux is co-owner of Langenstein's grocery, the oldest family-run grocery in New Orleans. Michael tells us when the grocery was established in the 1920s and explains how his family came to inherit the business. He also gives us some insights into how time has changed the grocery business over the years.

Langenstein's is well known for the wide array of New Orleans style prepared food it offers, including such favorites as red beans and rice, and shrimp étouffée. Michael explains how Langenstein's tradition of offering these popular dishes began. During our conversation, Michael recalled a long-time employee of Langenstein's who had begun working at the grocery in 1930 at the age of nine. Francis "Buddy" Hodgkins still lives in New Orleans. Now in his 90s, Buddy shared some of his own memories about the early days of the store that for many New Orleanians is the only place to shop for groceries. Listen to the interview here.