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All Good Things Come To An End?

  Well, here we are. The possible end for Full Sport Press, a blog that I’ve been writing for you for the past five years. A blog filled with sports and hopefully some laughter. Along the way, we’ve anguished over…

MLB is Back!

  Major league baseball has returned to the field. Teams won. Teams lost. Players popped up fly balls. Players popped up positive for the coronavirus. Lacking for anything else to do whatsoever I dove headfirst into watching the games, lived…

Training Camp

  Training camps are possibly the most boring sporting events on the planet. No, actually the NFL Combine is worse. The NFL Combine is so bad that I remember the first time I ever saw it televised. I stood dumbfounded…

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  • The Great Unknown
      In past years, my social media feeds would be full of posts with famous grid iron stars counting down the days to the start of the college and professional football seasons with the number they made famous. Eighteen days out, there was Archie Manning in his Ole Miss red and blue. Fifteen, Tim Tebow […]
    Chris Price
  • In That Number?
      After previously cutting each team’s 2020 preseason games from four to two, the National Football League announced Tuesday it will eliminate all preseason games and cut training camp roster spots from 90 to 80 in an effort to start the season on time while attempting to fight the COVID pandemic. The elimination of the […]
    Chris Price
  • Big Ifs
      We’re living in extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced our society to step outside of normal, day-to-day living for the past five months. Precautions, including cancelling or delaying sports, have been made to keep society as safe as possible. But in the next couple of weeks, if the nation can get transmission of […]
    Chris Price