New Orleans Voices Podcast: Audio Interview with Alfred Lemmon

Alfred Lemmon is Director of the Williams Research Center of The Historic New Orleans Collection. The Historic New Orleans Collection regularly showcases priceless treasure that offer fascinating glimpses into New Orleans’ rich past. The current exhibit, The Threads of Memory: Spain and the United States, is one of the Collection’s most important and meaningful displays. Alfred Lemmon, an expert on the history and the stories behind the items on display, gives us a brief overview of the exhibit. He describes some of the more significant items and explains why they are relevant to our lives today. Only three cities in the United States will host the exhibit; New Orleanians are privileged to see this assemblage of rare and historic artifacts that are part of our city’s Spanish roots. The free exhibit is open from May 11–July 10, 2011 at 533 Royal Street. For more information visit LISTEN NOW!

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