January and February are always good months for new releases.  The end of year lists and awards shows are finally done so we can get back to the business of new music. 


Caroline Rose – LONER

Caroline Rose is back with a sound almost completely unlike her 2014 record I Will Not Be Afraid.  In the intervening period Rose has dismantled her sound and rebuilt herself as a pop star; however, this is not your standard narrative of artistic evolution.  Rose has pushed past the earnestness of her last record into a realm of gleeful mischief.  Like LCD Soundsystems great american dream from last year, this is an album that not only openly shows the artist’s anxieties about his or her role in the creative world but also grapples with the very real struggle for relevance.  In addition to this introspection, the songs are incredibly catchy.  Rose benefits from her new found production knowledge and partners in a way that is immediately evident in the music.  Check out the video for “Soul No. 5” below.  Rose will be at Gasa Gasa on March 25.


Insecure Men – Insecure Men

After leaving Fat White Family Saul Ademczewski got together with Childhood’s Ben Romans-Hopcraft to form the Insecure Men project.  This record takes a close look at addiction and recovery but refuses to stray too far from its pop sensibility.  This is one of those albums that has a certain timelessness to it.  While the sound is distinctly contemporary, there are nods to the pop and post-punk movements that paved the way for their style.  There is a lot to unpack here all of it quite interesting.  Check out the video for “Teenage Toy” below.


Frigs – Basic Behaviour

The Toronto based experimental post-punks Frigs have just released their debut LP—Basic BehaviourThis record is punctuated by the vocal style of front woman Bria Salmena.  This is exactly the sort of record that I love.  You can hear the musicians pushing out against the melodic conventions that are holding them together.  There is an antagonism that permeates every aspect of the album.  The form is pushed to its limit and then snaps back to a melodic whole.  I’ll be living with this for a while.  Check out the video for “Solid State” below.


To Do This Week

Tomorrow night Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds land at the Orpheum. Saturday Bianca Del Rio is at the Orpheum and Mike Zito is at Rock N’ Bowl.  Sunday night George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are at the Joy.  Monday Downsizing hits Gasa with Knocked Loose.  Wednesday Divide and Dissolve are at the Mudlark and Soft Kill are at Gasa.


To Listen This Week