Brazil is a huge country and accordingly has a diverse cuisine. Until recently, I was unfamiliar with “quitutes,” which translates to “canapés” in Portuguese. Quitutes is also the name of a restaurant that opened in August in Arabi with a menu focused on the small bites as well as Brazilian staples like the yucca-flour bread pão de queijo and of course steak. Quitutes, 6617 Judge Perez Dr., 766-8694, Tuesday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Quitutescuisine.com. (under construction)

Aloha Grill & Sushi

Aloha Grill & Sushi got its start in the Auction House Market food court, and owners Dave Kirtland and Tracey Davenport have now opened a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on Calhoun street. The fare is eclectic, with Hawaiian style sushi and smoked pork, poke bowls, sandwiches and a full bar.  Aloha Grill & Sushi, 3151 Calhoun St.; 309-2699; 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and  8 to 10 on Saturday and Sunday; Alohaleinola.com.

Rendez-Vous Créole

One would think that New Orleans would have more places serving Haitian cuisine, but until recently there were more Ethiopian restaurants in town. The numbers are equal now that Rendez-Vous Créole has opened in Algiers. The menu is short, with a half-dozen entrées and about as many sides, with items such as fried or stewed whole fish, beef or goat first braised, then fried and simmered conch. Rendez-Vous Créole, 3042 General Collins Ave., Algiers;  281-4834;  daily from 11:45 to 9.