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Julia Street | with Poydras the Parrot

Dear Julia:
I have fished at The Point in Lake Pontchartrain, the area across from the Southern Yacht Club and New Orleans’ West End restaurants, on and off for the last 50 years. It has been closed for at least two years. Will it be reopened for public access in the near future?
– Bill Schornack (Metairie)

Hi Julia and Poydras,
In the mid 60’s I used to go to the lakefront and fish at The Point. However, the road has been closed for some time now and we wonder when it will open for fishing sightseeing again?

– Don, from Chilly Gentilly

Thanks Bill and Don. First, for those of you who don’t know, The Point is at the tip of Breakwater Drive at West End. The land juts into the water, from which you can see the back of Southern Yacht Club to the right and the lake, frequently dotted with sailboats, all around. It was popular as a fishing spot. Though I am way too shy to recall this, Poydras told me that The Point was also popular for “submarine races.” Now, I am not fooled easily, but the water around The Point is too shallow for submarines to race in, so the term must have a double meaning. Poydras admitted that the phrase really refers to the area being a “lover’s lane” which of course, according to Poydras, while blushing, is where folks would go for making out.

There has been major improvement to the roadway area recently. Boathouses and the green spaces have been tidied. However, at the end of the road, The Point has been blocked, undergoing some sort of construction. So, here’s the deal.

What is known as the Breakwater Drive Improvement Project is 87% complete now and due to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2022. There was a delay in the engineering and construction in 2021 after Hurricane Ida and this year after a recurrence of COVID. Plans include making The Point a pedestrian-friendly environment with connecting walking paths from the lake-edge to the marina basin. There will also be street resurfacing, dedicated parking, drainage improvements and benches.

Originally, just about any construction along the lakefront was the domain of the Orleans Parish Levee board. That was changed after Katrina when state authorities said the board should concentrate more on levees. Now, Breakwater Drive is overseen by the Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation. Bryan Whited, who provided much of this information, is the executive director.

Whether or not submarine crews of the future will be able to see what goes on at the remodeled Point through their periscope is unknown.

Dear Julia,
I remember there used to be lots of ducks along Breakwater Drive at The Point. Are they OK?
– Bradi Jones (New Orleans)

The Point was a great place for ducks mostly because the area had water on three sides. Also, the miscellaneous material that protected the shoreline from erosion would provide lots of rest spots and hideaways for the ducks. No one has seen much of the ducks lately, maybe because of the construction which has brought loud machines in and driven people away. But the work is almost done. The setting will be tranquil and as people return so will ducks, who, after all, know where their popcorn fix is satisfied.

Poydras is looking for something to do. Send your questions to and be sure to include your name and information. For the subject line use: Julia and Poydras Question.

Poydras is looking for something to do. Send your questions to and be sure to include your name and information. For the subject line use: Julia and Poydras Question.

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