No Photos Please

We’ve all seen it before, and maybe we are even the culprits. Wedding guests with phones in hand trying to snap the perfect Instagram-worthy shot of the newlywed couple. Thanks to the iPhone and other technological advances in our devices, a photo speaks way more than a thousand words – and we are all trying to get that flawless shot. But, when it comes to a wedding, this can infringe upon not only the vibe and feeling of the day, but also the wedding photographs the couple is paying a photographer to capture, so they have the ultimate memento of the day.

So how can a couple politely ensure that the glowing lights of smartphones will not obstruct their wedding and photographers?

This weekend, the LTEC team attended a gorgeous wedding at Il Mercato on Magazine Street. Upon finding our seats, we were greeted with a small card that read, “Welcome. We invite you to be truly present with us at this special time. Please leave your phones and cameras in your purse or pockets during our short ceremony. Thank you!” This small act, on a charming card, spoke volumes. There is no way a guest would feel comfortable taking out their phones after the couple specifically asked them not to. The couple achieved what seems like an impossible feat while making the guest feel like an important part of their story.


Did you ask for a tech-free ceremony? Let us know in the comments below. 



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