Anneka Olson is the Community Education Manager for Bike Easy. Bike Easy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making bicycling safe, easy and fun in New Orleans. Three years ago, in 2012, Bike Easy started NOLA Bike to Work Day. The first year, 500 people participated; this year, Bike Easy hopes to have 1,000 participants. Biking is great exercise and a wonderful way to see New Orleans' diverse neighborhoods. Today, New Orleans has 84 miles of roadways designated as bike paths. In this podcast, Anneka gives us some very valuable safety tips for both drivers and bicyclists on how to conduct themselves on the roads to remain safe.

The 2014 NOLA Bike to Work Day is on Tuesday, April 8. To ensure that riders have safe trips, Anneka offers some safety tips and a bicycle safety check list for those who have not ridden their bikes in a while.

Listen to the podcast here.