As the only person in my immediate and extended family to be living in New Orleans, I've decided it's my duty to share pieces of the city with them via Christmas gifts. I've been searching for truly New Orleanian presents and cards to send to my family and friends. It's actually been quite easy because New Orleans is full of unique and über-local boutiques.

Here are a few of my favorite things I've found so far. Maybe my list will help you find something for someone on your gift list, or maybe just a gift for yourself! I think you deserve it.



Santa on the Half-Shell

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

How cute are these Christmas ornaments? These are from Fleurty Girl, which is a great place if you're looking for gifts you can only buy in New Orleans. (Well, unless you're buying them online, but you know what I mean.) These ornaments can be bought at, or you can check out one of Fleurty Girl's four locations


NOLA Christmas Cards

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

Here's another Fleurty Girl item. You can get a pack of 10 cards for only $10! These cards are awesome, but Fleurty Girl has a few others, too. Another great spot for cards is Scriptura, which I've already featured on my blog, but I'm still in love with these holiday cards. I've sent a few of them out already and they've received rave reviews.


Cajun Night Before Christmas

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

There wasn't a Cajun theme in the book The Night Before Christmas my parents always read to me, but I've seen this book all over the place in New Orleans. I love how little kids in New Orleans and Louisiana can read this holiday classic with a local angle. Like I said, this book is all over the place in New Orleans, but it can also be found on Amazon if you don't live in the city.


Little Shotgun Houses

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

Shotgun houses are so quintessential New Orleans. I've seen these little houses for sale in multiple locations in New Orleans, but one place that offers them is Little Miss Muffin on Harrison Avenue. According to Little Miss Muffin's website, Tamar Taylor makes all of these by hand. Little Miss Muffin also has a store in Metairie.


Nola ABC's Onesie

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

Here's a little onesie for the little guy or girl in your life. How precious is this??? This is from Storyville, another good spot for local apparel.


This Dress from Jolie and Elizabeth

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

I am in love with this dress. It's much more expensive than what I usually spend on Christmas gifts, but I still think it's worth a mention. Jolie and Elizabeth is a local brand by designers Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey. The line is becoming quite popular in the South, judging by the crowd at their fashion show at NOLA Fashion Week. All of the dresses are made in the U.S. and are super cute. This dress and others can be purchased online, or you can find a store that carries the brand.


Louisiana Letterpress Print

Nola Newbie’s Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, so this is a bonus—or lagniappe, to use a New Orleans word—because it's not a New Orleans company. This cute Louisiana print is by 1canoe2, a small business that's based in Mid-Missouri, where my parents live. I'm obsessed with their state prints. Here's the Louisiana one just in case you like it, too.


Happy shopping, New Orleans!