Confession: I’m addicted to stationery goods. I have a particular fondness for notebooks. A favorite pastime is sipping a cup of coffee or tea (or a glass of wine) and with a fountain pen in hand, jotting down ideas, writing about what’s ahead in the coming hours, reminiscing about goings on of the day or — on a bad day — getting a little venting out of my system. In those moments, pen on thick, blank pages, I can daydream, plan or doodle my way to sense of calm reflection. Papier Plume, Scriptura and Grove Street Press are just a few of the places I wander into when the craving hits for a fresh, blank book. The next time you need a little alone time, splurge on a fine notebook and take a little time to yourself at home or at a café. Who knows, it just might become a habit.