Two years ago, I signed up for a health and fitness program through my company’s insurance. Up to that point, I would walk a lot and do a little biking and yoga, plus a few flirtations with running, but it was all usually in fits and starts. For some reason however, the points participants earn in the program for different activities (think daily exercise, flu shots, physicals and well woman exams, mammograms, plus sporting activities, including races) are a huge motivator for me. It’s addictive to see the points going up, up, up and — bonus — you can trade the points for gift certificates and fitness products. 

After the first year, I racked up enough (12,000) to get a free Fitbit. By the time this issue publishes, it will have been another year and as of press time, I had over 13,500 points. My goal was to exceed my points from last year. I have visions of free yoga gear dancing in my head. 

For the past two years, I’ve participated in a 5k (250 points!) with my fellow editors (pictured L-R: Suzanne Talfur, Ashley McLellan, me, Kimberly Singletary and Kelly Massicot). This year, I have challenged myself to not only do the 5k again, but also a 10k (350 points!). I keep visiting the program website and app to see how many more activities I can accomplish before February (complete a health questionnaire, earn a CPR certification and a first aid certification, donate blood), because I’m determined to get up to 15,000. My points obsession is a big source of entertainment for my husband. Especially because he knows I’m not usually very competitive. 

Now that I seem to have gained a level of consistency with my physical activity, I’m turning my attention to upping my healthy eating game. This issue couldn’t come at a better time. The healthy recipes from Stanley Dry on page 38 are not only nutritious, but also flavorful. It will not feel like a sacrifice to enjoy these dishes, which is my kind of health food. Enjoy the issue and good luck with your health and fitness goals in 2019. If you need motivation, I highly recommend a points system. 

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