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At the beginning of the year, many of us likely made a commitment to get more active and eat more nutritious food in 2017, but right about now, the willpower is fading. We’ve got you covered with inspiration via a jam-packed fitness feature and also a spread of delectable and satisfying salads created by food writer Stanley Dry. This was one of the rare food photo shoots I came out of feeling not only full, but also energetic. Dry’s flavor combinations sing and every bowl of greens is packed with nutrients. You won’t miss the greasy, fattening stuff one bit. (Our copy editor Amanda Orr doesn’t believe me on that last point, so be sure to give them a try and report back.)

Admittedly, I’m not what you’d call an exercise enthusiast. I don’t particularly enjoy going to a gym. That said, I love being active in other ways, such as long walks, bike rides and other outdoor adventures, as well as dancing and Acadiana has plenty of all of the above to keep me occupied and fit. For example, a long walk on the gorgeous University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus after a huge lunch plate of shrimp and grits at Ruffino’s on the River is my idea of great exercise. On one such occasion last year, my husband and I spied the Geaux Vélo bikes. The program, which launched on campus a few months earlier, was by April already being reported as a huge success by the Acadiana Advocate. It’s not surprising, given how often we see people getting out and getting fit in Lafayette. For those who already have bikes, there are several cycling clubs throughout the region. During the upcoming blissful few weeks of temperate weather, I’m looking forward to checking out the Bayou Teche Experience in Breaux Bridge for a little kayaking. If you prefer fitness centers and group classes, you are in luck, because Acadiana has a wealth of options, as reported by Suzanne Ferrara in our health and fitness feature on page 58. There’s truly something for everyone and every fitness level.

There isn’t much we love to do more at Acadiana Profile than celebrate the best of the region. One of the many ways we are doing that in this issue is with the unveiling of our Town of the Year. Flip to page 42 to learn more about this Cajun jewel, as reporter Will Kalec describes it.

Melanie Warner Spencer, Managing Editor
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(Editor’s Note: In the December/January issue, we referred to Wanda Barras of Belle Ècorce Farms as Wanda Barros. We regret the error. Also, in the boudin feature, the mention of Don’s on page 64 should have offered the full name of the local favorite, Don’s Specialty Meats.)