Note from the Editor

As I’m writing this on a 75-degree day at the beginning of September, I have a strong urge to unearth boots and scarves stowed away since last year. Fighting this urge however is essential, because we all know there are plenty of hot days to come before the summer heat truly drops off and we stroll in all of our booted and scarved glory into fall. If we are lucky we stroll — donning our autumnal best — into fabulous restaurants, quaint coffee shops, stylish boutiques and the other Acadiana businesses we hold up as our tried-and-true favorites. We know you have favorites, because you’ve shared them with us by voting in the annual Tops of Acadiana feature. On page 48, we’ve tallied your votes and are sharing the results, so don’t miss this year’s crop of Tops. Be sure to celebrate the winners with us at the Tops of Acadiana party on Oct. 17 at The Madison in Broussard.

The October/November issue is always fun, not only because of the Tops feature, but also because it’s when we reveal the region’s best chefs. After much deliberation, the editorial staff narrows it down to a select group of five individuals at the top of their game. In an area known for its food, this is no small feat. We think you’ll agree that this lineup is one talented bunch of folks. If you haven’t already tried their restaurants, now is your chance. There is truly something for everyone.

This entire issue is one that I always keep handy, because it’s a veritable guide to the best in Acadiana’s dining, entertainment and more. This is, of course, in no way a comprehensive list when it comes to this place we all love. There are enough bests and tops in Cajun Country to fill volumes, but we do hope that this year’s lists will offer a nice appetizer to get you through the buffet line of fun and food that is Acadiana.    





Melanie Warner Spencer, Managing Editor
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