Note from the Editor


You’d be hard pressed to convince me there is a better smell On Earth than that of freshly brewed coffee. Unless we are talking about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingling with the sweet and savory scents of breakfast or brunch fare. As the grandchild of farmers, I learned early on that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. My grandma would get up before sunrise — and before tending the garden or helping out in the fields — to get the eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy started, while my grandpa readied himself for feeding the livestock, tilling, cutting, baling, mending and building. It takes a particular combination of stick-to-your-ribs protein and carbs to fuel the mornings of farmers and Grandma mastered the formula. While I spent many mornings (and afternoons) toiling alongside my grandparents on the farm, these days I’m much more apt to be found laboring over a keyboard, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the allure of a big Southern-style breakfast. When that came up as a concept for one of this month’s features, they had me at grits.

In “Rise and Dine” on page 52, there are five mouth-watering recipes by Stanley Dry that will take your next weekend gathering to a new level. As a bonus, Dry offers up tricks of the trade on cooking the perfect egg sunny-side up, poached or scrambled.

Cajun Country breakfasts are just as likely to feature pork sausage as they are to have some type of game on the side (or at the center). For many, in Acadiana, hunting is of course not only a pastime, but also a way of life. But, if you’d rather not meet your meat (or fowl) until it lands on your plate — or you are seeking ideas for what to do with that duck in the freezer — flip to our “Game On” story on page 39 to find out which restaurants in the region are cooking up the best game.   

One of the many good things about this issue is you don’t have to keep farmer’s hours to enjoy it, but the recipes and restaurants featured in it will give you the stick-to-your-ribs fuel you need to get through a hard day’s work. Bon appétit!



Melanie Warner Spencer, Managing Editor
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