The wine world has no hard dates. Vines come to life after a winter’s nap and the previous years’ harvest at about the same time on the calendar but not precisely the same moment on the clock. Harvest takes place over a three-month period depending on the grape and the location.

There is a singular exception to this “no specific time” regimen and that is the annual release date for the “new wine” from the Beaujolais region of France. By the law of that country, Beaujolais Nouveau, the first wine from the grapes of the most recent harvest cannot be made available to the public before the turn of midnight entering the third Thursday of November. 

And so that date becomes a bit of a celebration to those who care to make it so. Given New Orleans' penchant for celebration, of course we care to make it so. The French-American Chamber of Commerce tosses the party every year, and they will not break with tradition as there is just such a good time planned for tomorrow, Nov. 17, at the New Orleans Marriott on Convention Center Boulevard. You will be able to taste the 2016 vintage alongside a bounty of French food, other wines, local beers, and music.

Open to the public and always a bon temps.


Oh, Those Crazy Hogs

An event that is rather new, pretty damn manic, and all for an important cause – Hogs for the Cause – has just announced an amazing milestone.

The organization, working in conjunction with Children’s Hospital, will construct and sponsor a home for families of ill children so when they come to New Orleans for extended medical treatment, there will be a place for the family to stay and be together. It does not get more touching than this.

The House That Hogs Built is a $2 million project and will be ready to open in 2017 on the Children’s Hospital Campus. There will be 14 family suites especially designed and constructed for the medical and living needs of families and children with brain disease or medical conditions.

For the rest of us, the festival is a great time to chow down on fantastic barbecue and plenty of beer. For these families, that very festival results in funding important work to make a tough situation just a bit more tolerable for a child. Congrats to Becker Hall, Renee Louapre and others who founded Hogs. You have got to be feeling pretty good about this.


Emeril Unchained

The recent celebration of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation – Boudin, Bourbon and Beer, which turned Champions Square into one of the coolest party venues on the planet – raised over $3 million for local culinary education needs.

Benefiting schools and programs all over the Metro and the Gulf Coast means we will all enjoy many happy experiences with the creative minds and abilities of these young folks who are learning about our history and culture, particularly as it applies to culinary.


Tim TV

If you will indulge me for just a moment, we have brought a new program to local TV on WLAE (Channel 32) and it’s called "Appetite for Life."

During the weekly half-hour, we will interview chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, beverage retail experts, restaurateurs, winemakers and others who make the local dining and drinking scene so exciting. The program is broadcast every Thursday at 7 p.m. and repeated Sundays at 5 p.m.

We are currently producing two new shows every month and the hope is to pick up the pace as soon as we can locate underwriters. Channel 32 is a public television station so advertising is not really allowed (Wink, Wink).

Here are the links to the shows that have already aired.

Would appreciate your viewership, your comments and your suggestions for future shows. Thanks.




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