Answering the question “What are the latest wedding trends?” can difficult. To aid in answering that question, The Wedding Report Inc. is a research company that tracks and forecasts consumer trends for the wedding industry. Each quarter, The Wedding Report puts out a report for a specific timeframe during the year. This month, they released data collected from real couples in October.

Usually when the report comes out, LTEC is not surprised by any of the answers; but this time was different. The question – or we should say the answer to the question – that had us perplexed was “What is your top priority for a wedding?”


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Not surprisingly, 51 percent of respondents said the venue was their top priority. What surprised us was the low percentage for entertainment, cakes and wedding gowns. Also, where does photography fit in? New Orleans is known for their parties and gorgeous city backdrop. Surely this information had to be different for the city.

Lucky for us, The Wedding Report releases data information for specific areas. Numbers were slightly different, as we expected, for greater New Orleans weddings. The market data used was for 8,573 weddings around New Orleans in the last year. Of those weddings, a certain percentage made sure to have different amenities for their wedding. Though 94 percent of the weddings made sure to have a specific venue space, that was lower than the 95 percent who made sure to have the perfect photographer, wedding gown, cake and event decor. Only 91 percent opted for specific catering. Entertainment was extremely important with 87 percent opting for a live DJ and 35 percent employing a live band – showing a 22 percent crossover of having both a DJ and a live band.


It has always been clear that New Orleans plays by its own rules. Evidently, that sentiment transfers over to our weddings.

Which findings do you agree with? Tell us in the comments and let us know your top priority for your wedding.