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Nuptial 911

Recently, we shared New Orleans Bride Magazine’s “Next Day 911” hangover kit. We love the idea of small, pint-sized kits available for the bride, her maids or really anyone involved in the wedding. There are endless possibilities, items to add and ways to craft or put together the perfect (and practical) gifts and favors for your favorite people.

The other day, while shopping in Candy Apple on Metairie Road, we found an adorable “minimergency” kit for everyday blunders that you may encounter. After seeing the countless items that somehow magically fit into the sweet little glittered bag, we thought this would be excellent for a wedding.

Pinch Provisions read our minds and has provided the world with its “minimergency kits” for every occasion. For Him, For Her, weddings, back-to-school kits, you name it and Pinch provides it.

Today, we wanted to highlight the “minimergency” kit for her. We love this kit and use each of the products (on a larger scale) every day.

What’s in the kit:

-adhesive bandage

-pain relieverNuptial 911

-double-sided tape

-breath freshener

-mending kit

-dental floss

-clear nail polish

-hair spray


-emery board

-lip balm

-clear elastic

-stain remover

-nail polish remover pad

-deodorant towelette

-earring backs

-safety pin



This kit or the bridesmaid and bride specific (there are also kits for the groom and groomsman) are perfect wedding gifts to the bridal party, parents or bride and groom. It’s a small, thoughtful, stylish and fun way to not only say “don’t embarrass yourself,” but also to help prevent it from happening in the first place. 


Nuptial 911Nuptial 911


Speaking of emergency kits, peep New Orleans Bride Magazine editor Melanie Spencer’s recent Bon Vivant blog post on her “Deskmergency Drawer” at the office to combat style and mini-health emergency. 



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