Oyster Hour > Happy Hour

I have family coming into town for a visit (the first visit since COVID lockdowns) so we are celebrating. I recently was treated to lunch at check Donald Link’s latest culinary creation Chemin a La Mer in the Four Seasons Hotel, and you bet I’ll be going back to celebrate with my visitor. The menu is amazing, the cocktails are refreshing and the views of the river are captivating. Even better, we plan on taking advantage of the restaurant’s “Oyster Hour” (offered Mon.-Fri., 3 to 5 p.m.) with $1 oysters on the terrace overlooking all of the hustle and bustle of the Mississippi River.

(You will also want to check out our Insta Live! cooking demo next Tuesday at noon, when our recipe and food writer Jyl Benson will be in the kitchen cooking up something special with chef Link.)

Baked Good

For breakfast, I plan on slicing up some bagels (from my secret freezer stash) from Instagram/bagel sensation Flour Moon Bagels. The team behind these bagel wonders are set to open a new location along the Lafitte Greenway, and we can’t wait. When it opens later this month, it will be the perfect stop along your bike or walking route for a fresh baked breakfast, brunch or afternoon treat.

Bubble Time

Next on our agenda? The Champagne Stroll on Magazine Street, which is back and better than ever this Saturday. The annual celebration highlights shops, stops, galleries and businesses along New Orleans’ iconic retail corridor with special evening hours, small bites, music and, of course, bubbles. I’m looking forward to getting dolled up and heading out to see what’s new at some of my favorite places, while enjoying some adult refreshments and more.

Sink Hole de Mayo

The recent crater that opened up at the I-10 exit to Metairie Road has rekindled memories of the infamous “Sink Hole de Mayo” celebration held downtown a few years ago, and has us on the lookout for potential new street canyons opening up. To keep up with, and poke a little fun at, the pothole, sink hole, and torn-up-street-situations around the city, follow the *warning cuss word ahead* Instagram account @Lookatthisfuckinstreet. The account details the creative ways locals deal with the ever-changing, ever-crumbling streetscape that is New Orleans, from water-filled sink hole pool parties to traffic cone décor.