Each year as St. Charles Avenue prepares to choose our Activists of the Year, we consult our ongoing list of possible candidates. You would think that as we choose six New Orleanians who have given so selflessly of themselves each year that the list would begin to dwindle. But one of the most amazing things about New Orleans and her people is that a list of those who give back only expands – including those who are 18 years old to 80 and beyond.

We are proud to bring you the profiles of and to honor our 2014 Activists Kay Kerrigan, Nancy Marsiglia, Sally-Ann Roberts, Dr. Troy Scroggins, Gen Trimble and Tommy Westervelt for the time, energy and gifts that they have given to the boards, nonprofits, committees, foundations and groups with which they’re associated across the entirety of New Orleans.

Without them and their efforts, our city wouldn’t be the same, so we hope that as you read more about them that their stories will inspire you, as they have us, to strive to achieve and give back to the city that gives so much to us all.