For the first time, choosing who to honor as Activists of the Year was simple – all of them!

For St. Charles Avenue’s 20th anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to once again honor the 49 individuals who, since 1995, Avenue has chosen for their activism. Obviously we couldn’t fit them all on one cover, we couldn’t even fit them in three – but we tried!

Thank you to the Activists who went out of their way to be at our covershoot: Gayle Benson (2010), Louellen Berger (2009), Barbara Bush (2006), Ana Gershanik (2009), Dr. Juan Gershanik (2009), Dr. Stephen Hales (2006), Dana Hansel (2012), Bill Hines (2004), Susan Read Johnson (2013), Kay Kerrigan (2014), Anne Milling (2008), King Milling (2008), Betsy Nalty (2012), Roger Ogden (2009), Julie Wise Oreck (2008), Dr. Tony Recasner (2007), Anne Redd (2004), Suzanne Walther Rusovich (2011), Phyllis Taylor (2007) and Tommy Westervelt (2014).

Learn more about these Activists and more in our feature “A Class Act.” Without these individuals and their efforts, our city wouldn’t be the same, so we hope that their inspirational words move you, as they have us, to strive to achieve and give back to New Orleans, who gives so much to us all.