Each year St. Charles Avenue honors a select number of local philanthropists who have made a tangible difference in our community.

Herschel Abbott Jr., Dr. Scott Cowen, Dana Hansel, Betsy Nalty, Dottie Reese and Greg Rusovich, who have graciously posed on our cover, have given their time, energies and specialties – themselves – to our city. Each of these six activists has a list of the past and present organizations with which they’ve been involved, of which we have printed a selection, that could stretch through this entire magazine.

The nonprofits, boards, committees, foundations, city groups and associations with which they’re associated stretch across every aspect of New Orleans. Without them and their drive to achieve the best in every aspect of their lives, our city wouldn’t be the same. You will see in our feature why they and their efforts should be appreciated and why these six outstanding people and the organizations they support are so worthy of recognition.

We are proud of them, their work and their accomplishments, and we hope you’ll join us in honoring them and their stories of achievement.