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On the Go

When traveling or on vacation you need not sacrifice your fitness program.

Exercising while traveling has always been difficult but with some advanced planning you can stay in shape while on the road. First, call ahead and check with the hotel you’re staying at to see if they have a workout facility. A lot of hotels today have become increasingly fitness-minded, making it easier than ever to exercise while traveling and offer a workout room with cardio equipment, strength training machines and free weights. They may also have a swimming pool available to you; swimming is a great workout and excellent cardiovascular training.

If your hotel doesn’t have a fitness facility, don’t be alarmed; when you arrive just ask the front desk if there’s gym nearby and inquire if they offer guest passes. Some hotels have arrangements with local gyms that can lower the cost for hotel guests. Ask about such partnerships.

If you find that there are no workout facilities available to you, then it’s time to adapt your workout to your surroundings. There are exercises you can do with little to no equipment right in you hotel room. Running and jogging, Pilates or yoga if you’re trained, jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups can all be done in your room.
Packing your suitcase with the intention to workout during your trip is a good idea. It is easy to slack off once you arrive at your vacation destination but once you open your suitcase, the reminder to exercise will be there.

If you had to sacrifice packing your favorite pair of shoes in order to fit the workout gear in your luggage, you’ll be pretty motivated to get some use out of it. When packing for your trip, include a few essential items that can offer you an instant workout. Be sure to pack for both cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Items to include are: workout clothes (including a swimsuit), running shoes, resistance bands, a jump rope, a yoga or Pilates mat, lightweight dumbbells (or fill empty water bottles to use as dumbbells).

Once you check into your hotel, outline your workout plan for the next few days. Having a solid plan in place will help you keep your fitness goals in sight. It is best to keep your exercise schedule similar to what you’re used to at home. If you usually exercise in the morning, stick to that same time frame. However, don’t be afraid of adding a little variety to your on-the-go workout. While being away from home may present some obstacles to exercise, it also opens up a lot of exciting options.

Exploring an unfamiliar city or area by foot or by bike can be a very refreshing form of exercise.

The purpose of going on a holiday is to refuel and revitalize. However, many people often end up feeling even more fatigued after a vacation. If you stick to your routines while on the road you’ll feel full of energy. Best of all, you’ll feel guilt free, which will allow you to enjoy the rest of your time off! 

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