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One-Spot Wonder

A reader asks how to get rid of back fat.

Dear Guys,
I have horrible back fat. No matter what I wear it seems to show through – unless it’s winter and I’m in a coat. I’ve seen “miracle” machines advertised on TV that claim to get rid of it – do they work, or is there something else I can do?

Silvia LaMonte

First of all, you’re not alone. Many of my clients come to us wanting to get rid of the bulges that form around their bra straps.

The reality is that exercising the muscle beneath a particular point of fat will not get rid of the fat itself. You also have to be careful because a healthy amount of fat is essential to the body. So before you decide you want to lose body fat, make sure you consult with a medical or fitness professional to ensure that you know how much you should lose in order to be healthier.

That being said, let’s consider that you’re going to need to lose body fat from your whole body if you want to lose body fat from your back. The only way to do this is to burn more calories than you consume. This calorie deficit is best achieved through reducing calorie consumption and engaging in a cardio workout that burns calories and fat throughout the body.

Our clients see the best results from interval training. The goal is usually 20 to 30 minutes of intense cardio effort that not only burns calories but also stokes the metabolism so you keep burning calories all day.

You will need to work out at least four to five times a week to see quick results, and you’ll find it easier if you stick to exercises that you enjoy. Some great exercises for burning calories in a 30-minute workout are:

1. Step Aerobics    6. Cross Country Skiing
2. Bicycling    7. Running
3. Swimming    8. Elliptical Trainer
4. Racquetball    9. Rowing
5. Rock Climbing    10. Walking

Other great ones, especially for people who like high-intensity cardio training, are jumping rope and sprinting. Both of these will produce tangible results and fairly quickly, as long as you stick to a healthy diet.

Once you’ve decided on your cardio workout, you can focus on some upper back exercises that will firm and tone your upper back muscles specifically. This resistance training of your back will also improve your posture, lessen your chance of back injury and strengthen your back to provide stronger support for your entire body.

To learn how to do these exercises correctly, seek the help of a fitness professional or visit www.myneworleans.com (and sign up for the e-newsletter) to learn more there about the calorie-burning potential of the “Top 10 Cardio Exercises.”


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