Orthopaedic injuries can affect everyone, not just the athlete. Repetitive motions within our bodies cause wear and tear over time, and whether it’s in your shoulder, knees, or spine, an injury or ailment can negatively impact your quality of life. Living with pain not only causes stress, it can also put a person at risk for overcompensating and injuring another part of the body. Orthopaedic specialists in New Orleans treat a wide range of conditions, from complex spinal issues, to bone fractures, joint replacements, foot conditions, and other painful injuries or issues. Consult a specialist about your pain, and you may be able to find a non-invasive treatment to get you back to normal activities quickly. As technologies evolve and advances are made, orthopaedic care continues to improve, offering more options for New Orleans patients.


Serving the West Bank and Greater New Orleans region, Westside Orthopaedic Clinic provides superior general orthopaedic treatment with a specialty in spinal care. The clinic has been in operation since 1961, making it one of the longest standing orthopaedic clinics in the city.

Dr. Ralph. Katz is a board certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic specialist who has performed over 500 minimally invasive procedures with consistently excellent outcomes. For the right patient who has failed conservative treatment (e.g. medication, physical therapy, injections), a minimally invasive microdiscectomy can be done in an outpatient setting with an incision that can be covered by a band-aid. The procedure typically takes less than an hour. Most patients can return to normal activities within three to six weeks. Additionally, Dr. Katz performs cervical and lumbar spinal fusions, utilizing small incisions with minimally invasive systems. He is one of few local surgeons who perform both cervical and lumbar disc replacements.

Westside offers full-service, in-house x-rays, EMG/NCS, as well as physical therapy services with access to new rehabilitation equipment. Same day appointments can be accommodated. For more information, visit WestsideOrtho.com or call 504-347-0243.


Tulane Orthopaedics doctors are elite, fellowship-trained surgeons who combine their expertise and sub-specialty areas into a single comprehensive program. Patients have access to some of the most capable surgical care in the nation as well as one of the finest rehabilitation programs. This ensures a faster and more effective recovery, regardless of whether you’re trying to get back on the sports field or back to daily life.

Specialists offer care and prevention of sports medicine injuries, total joint replacements of hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, and ankles, treatment of pelvic and other bone fractures, and treatment of spine-related conditions ranging from scoliosis in children to adults with disc herniations and spinal stenosis. Other conditions treated include painful foot ailments such as bunions and painful nerve compressions.

With multiple locations, including the Institute of Sports Medicine, in uptown New Orleans, Tulane-Lakeside in Metairie, and downtown at Tulane Medical Center, their doctors and staff are able to serve the entire Greater New Orleans community. For more information, call 504-988-8476 (988-TISM) or visit OrthoTulane.com.