When that steamy summer heat begins to roll into New Orleans around mid-May, parents and kids both have one thing on their minds: freedom. Kids are free from school and what better way to spend those months off than at one of the many summer camps and programs in and around New Orleans?

Summer camp isn’t what it used to be back when today’s parents were young. Now kids have a variety of activities to choose from, such as computer classes, rock climbing, yoga, karate, ropes courses, magic and even archaeological digs.

Looking for something educational? Done. Do your kids have sports on the brain?
Covered. Is all they’re looking for a big pool? Gotcha. The list of possibilities can go on as far as a Drew Brees touchdown pass. So Mom and Dad, get out of the heat and let all of your kids’ summer fun be handled by these camps’ experienced counselors, who are sure to deliver one rocking vacation.

Arden Cahill Academy’s Camp Corral

–    Ages 4-14.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June
    9-11 and July 14-August 15. Mini
    session available June 2-6.
–    $400-$700, depending on
    study/play programs and $100
    for mini session.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include swimming, horseback
    riding, petting farm, theater, arts and
    crafts, outdoor camping and optional
    study camps.
–    Contact 392-0902 or

Audubon Zoo Camp
–    Ages Pre-K through 7th grade.
–    Optional Zoo Camp and Zoo Explorers
    Camp in one to eight week-long sessions
    from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-27 or July 7-
    August 1.
–    $151 a week for Audubon members,
    $176 for non-members.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include arts and crafts, wildlife
    encounters, IMAX films, zoo tours and
    lots of animal fun.
–    Contact 861-5103 or register online at

Academy of the Sacred Heart
–    Girls ages 4-12.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 9-20,
    June 23-July 3 and July 7-18.
–    $375 for day camp or $575 for optional
    theater camp ($762 for both).
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include dance, theater arts, arts
    and crafts, swimming, field trips and
–    Contact 269-1230 or e-mail

Brother Martin Summer Camp
–    Ages 5-13, depending on program.
–    Four-day sessions, June 2-27, each
    program time varies.
–    $100-$185, depending on program.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include basketball, baseball,
    wrestling, and soccer camps.
–    Contact 283-1561, ext. 3022.

Camp Cabrini
–    Students entering 2nd grade through
    students entering 8th grade.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-6,
    June 9-13, June 16-20 and June 23-27.
–    $100 per session and $40 registration fee.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include basketball, cheer,
    classic games, cooking, dance, drama,
    field trips, fishing, movies, multi-media
    productions, sewing, soccer, swimming,
    track and field and volleyball.
–    Contact 452-1004.

Camp Care-A-Lot at St. Paul’s Episcopal School
–    Ages 4-12.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-August 1.
–    Contact camp for cost and fees.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include tennis,
    swimming, cooking
    demonstrations, art, music,
    skateboarding and canoe trips.
–    Contact 488-1319 ext. 153 or

Camp Stanislaus
–    Ages 8-15.
–    Session 1: June 15-July 3;
    session 2: July 6-25; session 3:
    June 15-July 25. Mini Camp 1:
    June 16-21; Mini Camp 2:
    July 7-12.
–    Three weeks, $1,525 for
    resident camper and $890 for
    day camper; Six weeks,
    $2,800 for resident and 1,425
    for day camper; Mini Camp,
    $600 for resident, $330 for
    day camper.
–    Activities at this camp, located
    in Bay Saint Louis, Miss.,
    include water skiing, sailing,
    rock wall climbing, horseback
    riding, canoeing and go-karts.
–    Contact (228) 467-9057,
    ext. 277 or

Cedarwood School
–    Ages 3 through 7th grade
–    Sessions run June 2-13, June
    16-27, July 7-18 and July 21-25.
–    Ages 3-6, $225; Ages 7-10,
    $425 and students 2nd-7th
    grades, $435. Costs
    discounted if registered
    before May 1.
–    Before and after care
–    Activities include drama,
    singing, dance, frisbee,
    sports, kite making, pottery,
    weaving, painting, tracking
    & trailing, cooking, jewelry
    making, Web design,
    computer animation,
    computer games, chemistry,
    rocketry and papier mâché.
–    Contact (985) 845-7111 or

Country Day Creative Arts Camp
–    Ages 7-14.
–    Sessions run June 16-July 18,
    Mon.-Thurs., 8:30 a.m.-3:30
    p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m.-
    1:20 p.m.
–    $1,120 due before April 1
    ($1,220 after April 1).
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include drawing,
    yoga, martial arts, singing,
    musical theater and dance.
–    Contact 849-3188 or

De La Salle High School
–    Students ages 6-12.
–    Chess camp session runs
    8:80 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-6
    and June 9-13; sports camp
    and summer enrichment sessions run
    June 2-July 11.
–    Chess camp $15 registration, $170 per
    session; sports camp price available
    upon request
–    Activities include basketball, baseball,
    chess, football, softball and enrichment
–    Contact chess camp 895-5717, ext.181;
    contact sports camps 895-5717, ext. 189.

Ecole Bilingue
–    Ages 3 to 11.
–    Sessions run June 16-27, June 30-July
    11, July 14-25 and July 28-August 8.
–    $380 for one session, $689 for two,
    $995 for three and $1,300 for four.
–    After care available.
–    Activities include theater, art, singing,
    music, games, cooking, sports and field
    trips, all while learning French.
–    Contact 896-4500 for information,
    568-0770 to register or

Emeril Lagasse Foundation Summer Arts Camp at the CAC
–    Ages 6-14.
–    Session runs 9 a.m.-3p.m., June
    14- August 8.
–    $140 per week with a one-time
    purchase of a $55 membership.
–    After care available.
–    Activities include music, theater,
    dance, visual art and cooking
–    Contact 528-3805 or

Hermann-Grima and Gallier Historic Houses
–    Ages 3rd-6th grade for the “Dig It”
    archaeology camp and ages
    1st-5th for the “Tea Time Travelers”
–    Dig It camp sessions run June 9-13
    and August 4-8; Tea Time Travelers
    camp session runs August 11-15.
–    $160 for members, $180 for
–    Activities for the “Dig It” archaeology
    camp includes an on-site dig,
    timeline activities and field trips.
    Activities for “Tea Time Travelers”
    camp includes planning and
    attending a 19th century tea party
    at the end of the week, plus
    designing invitations, creating a
    bonnet and hoop skirt to wear
    and planning the menu.
–    Contact 525-5661 orwww.hgghh.org.
Jewish Community Center
–    Ages 21 months through students
    entering 8th grade.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3:15 p.m.,
    June 16-August 8, split into 4,
    6 and full 8- week sessions, plus
    mini-camp sessions.
–    Regular 4-week sessions start at
    $495, regular 6-week session
    start at $725 and regular 8-week
    sessions start at $965 (depending
    on age).
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include swimming,
    basketball, music, arts and crafts,
    sports camps and overnight trips
    for older kids.
–    Contact Uptown 897-0143,
    Metairie 887-5158.

Kehoe France Northshore Day Camp
–    Ages 2-13.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June
    16-27, June 30-July 11, July 14-25.
–    $340 for each two-week session
    for 2-13 year-olds and $950 for
    all three. $250 for two and
    three-year-olds per two-week
    session and $710 for all three.
–    Activities include swimming,
    horseback riding, martial arts,
    tennis, BB gun range, computers
    and ceramics.
–    Contact (985) 892-4415, Kehoe
    Southshore 733-0472 or

Louisiana Children’s Museum
–    Ages 5-11.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-
    August 8.
–    $150 for members, $175 for
    non-members per session.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include cooking, art, magic,
    dinosaurs, theater, circus camp and
–    Contact 586-0725 orwww.lcm.org.

Loyola Sports Camp
–    Ages 5 through 6th grade.
–    Sessions run 8:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m.,
    June 16-June 27, June 30- July 11 and
    July 14-25.
–    Sessions 1 and 3: $235 for members,
    $270 for non-members; Session 2:
    $215 for members, $245 for non-members.
–    No before and after care available.
–    Activities include swimming, arts and
    crafts and field trips to Audubon Zoo,
    Aquarium of the Americas and
    Children’s Museum.
–    Contact 864-7539 or

Isidore Newman School Summer Session
–    Ages 3 through those entering
    12th grade.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-12 p.m., 12:30-
    3:30 p.m., June 2-13, June 16-27 and
    June 30-July 11.
–    $275 for a lower school; middle and
    upper school offerings vary.
–    No before and after care.
–    Sports camps include boys basketball:
    skills camp and shooting camp, boys
    baseball and girls volleyball. Other
    activities include greenie explorers
    (science exploration) for 3 year olds,
    cooking, cool chemistry, art, drama
    and field trips.
–    Contact 896-6348 or

Riverview Camp for Girls
–    Girls ages 6-16.
    –    Short-term and long-term
    sessions run June 1-August 1.
–    $1,165 for short-term session,
    $2,170 for long-term session.
–    Activities at this camp, located
    in Mentone, Ala., include
    horseback riding, ropes course,
    swimming, camping, archery
    and climbing tower.
–    Contact (800) 882-0722 or
St. George’s Episcopal School’s Castletree
–    Ages 3-11.
–    Sessions run June 9-June 27
    and July 7-25.
–    Session I: $550, Session II:
    $500 for full-day program;
    $400 for half-day program:
    only available for 3, 4 and
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include science, art,
    drama, sports, dance, digital
    photography and computers.
–    Contact 891-5509 or

Stuart Hall
–    Ages nursery school thru 5th
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-2 p.m.,
    June 2-20 and June 23-July 11.
–    $450.00 per session for the
    full-day program is. $350.00
    per session for the half-day
–    After care available.
–    Activities include art activities,
    sports, water play,
    gymnastics, karate, water
    slides, rock climbing, magic
    shows, snowballs, spacewalk,
    woodworking and movies.
–    Contact 559-9987 or

St. Martin’s Episcopal School
–    Ages 2-12.
–    Sessions run May 26-August 1;
    programs vary.
–    $485, ages 2-5 for 3-week session;
    $440, ages 6-12 for 3-week session.
    Discounted price if registered before
    June 13 on some programs.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities and programs include
    technology, computer skills, science,
    basketball, baseball, soccer, strength
    training, rocketry, graphic design,
    swimming, drama, music, art, languages
    and chess.
–    Contact 736-9982 or

St. Mary’s Dominican Dominicamp and Jumpin’
for Joy camp

–    Girl students in 6th-9th grades for
    Dominicamp and sports camps; girls
    2nd thru 5th grades for Jumpin’ for
    Joy camp.
–    Sessions run 8 a.m.-3 p.m.,
    June 2-20 for day camps Dominicamp
    and Jumpin’ for Joy; sports camp
    sessions run 8-11:00 a.m., volleyball
    June 2-6, basketball June 9-13 and
    soccer June 16-20.
–    $125 for sports camps; $200-$575 for
    Dominicamp; and $125-$300 for
    Jumpin’ for Joy.
–    Activities include volleyball, soccer,
    basketball, drama, creative writing,
    dance, math, science, etiquette,
    arts and crafts, jewelry making,
    scrapbooking and digital photography.
–    Contact Meg Womble 865-9401,
    ext. 129,www.stmarysdominican.org ormwomble@stmarysdominican.org.

Trinity Episcopal School
–    Students entering 1st-7th grades.
–    Sessions run 9 a.m.-3 p.m., June 2-6,
    June 9-13, June 16-20 and June 23-27.
    Half-day sessions run 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
    and 12-3 p.m.
–    $160 for full day and $80 for half-day,
    plus a one-time $10 registration fee.
–    Activities include architecture/design,
    creative arts/crafts, young artists, second
    life, technology, cheerleading/dance,
    knitting/crafts, games/recreation,
    sports/fitness, digital photography and
    model rocketry.
–    Contact 525-8661 ext. #727,
   www.trinitynola.com or
Tulane Ripples Camp
–    Ages 4-14.
–    Sessions run June 2-27 and June 30-July
    25 with a travel week July 28-August 1
–    $900 per session for Tulane faculty,
    staff, students and Reily members. $300
    for travel week. $1,000 per session for
    non-affiliates, $350 for travel week.
–    Before and after care available.
–    Activities include cycling, gymnastics
    aerobic training, archery racquetball,
    tennis, canoeing, horseback riding,
    rock-climbing, drama, arts and crafts
    and out-of-state trips for campers
    enrolled in teen/travel program.
–    Contact 865-5431 or e-mail
    Bruce Bershad at

Ursuline Academy Camp
–    Ages 4-16, depending on camp.
–    Sessions run 8:30 a.m.-3:30
    p.m., June 2-27 for creative and
    performing arts camp and
    1-4 p.m., June 2-27 for drama
    workshop camp.
–    $690 for creative and performing
    arts camp and $490 for drama
    workshop camp.
–    Before and after care available
    (Only after care for drama
    workshop camp).
–    Activities include acting,
    stagecraft, dance, music,
    drawing and painting, pottery,
    yoga, gym games, swimming,
    tennis, team sports, tumbling,
    computer, printmaking, creative
    writing and field trips.
–    Contact 212 -6830 or