P & T at Catahoula

March is such a weird month; it isn’t really warm and not really cold; there’s not a lot of festivals but a couple of weekends of good fun. Family vacations are not here yet, but plans are afoot. Dining al fresco is possible, but not every night is suitable.
The popular expression is that March roars in like a lion, yet that isn’t quite true either. Looks like March is a month of “almost,” not totally committed to one thing or another. And since those are the parameters, what better time to change the cocktail rhythm and do something different?
The Peruvian spirit, Pisco, would seem to fill the bill. It might even be something you’ve never tried. Pisco is being featured at a new hotel, bar and restaurant, Catahoula, which opened this month.
Nathan Dalton, whose prowess behind the bar is unquestionably excellent, has created this month’s featured drink at Catahoula, based on his experiences in Peru and New Orleans. The drink actually is a variation on a Gin and Tonic. Historical fact: The Peruvians were making drinks to pair with tonic water long before the English. Seems the Peruvians figured out that the medicinal effects of quinine, the core herbal ingredient in tonic water, were the correct solution for their efforts against malaria. Adding their native spirit, Pisco, to the elixir didn’t hurt.

“P & T”: Pisco and Tonic

1 ounce Quebranta Pisco
2.5 (or so) ounces tonic water
1/2 teaspoon lime juice
.75 ounces grapefruit juice
.25 ounce Campari

Build on the rocks in a short glass

By Nathan Dalton. The Catahoula Hotel, Café and Bar opened March 1 at 914 Union St., between Baronne and O’Keefe streets in the CBD.



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