Dear Connie,
We were in New Orleans this weekend playing the Zephyrs. After that, we go to Memphis and then home to Nashville. The Zephyrs are a farm club for the New York Mets just as we are for the Milwaukee Brewers. Of course, I hope to get called up to Milwaukee some time this summer. Last night my biggest play was to lay down a perfect bunt. It advanced a runner from second to third, who eventually scored. But how many people make it to the majors on their ability to bunt? Do you ever hear people talking about the all-time leaders in bPACE: JUNEunts? Do fans buy tickets because a great bunter will be playing that night? Will the Brewers’ front office hear about how good my bunt was? Got to see a little of New Orleans. It is in better shape than I thought. The team will play here a couple of more times this summer and if I’m not in the Bigs I’ll explore it some more. If I do make it to Milwaukee, maybe you and I can talk more about the future. New Orleans seems like a great place for a honeymoon.
Watch out for curve balls.
Love, Mac