Pain Management

Pain Management

Developments in pain management are helping people all across the country get back to work and daily life with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. When living with chronic pain, it can be hard to do anything, from sitting in a chair at work to cooking at the stove or sleeping in bed at night. There are many approaches to pain management and a variety of healthcare providers who are available to diagnose and treat pain. A successful treatment has life-changing results, and the journey to living pain-free can be a fruitful endeavor. If you or someone you know is experiencing chronic pain, consider the latest news and treatments from New Orleans’ many healthcare professionals who dedicate their work to solving people’s pain problems. Exploring your options is the first step toward getting some answers and hopefully some help.


Southern Pain & Neurological is happy to offer Superion Indirect Decompression System, a new, minimally invasive treatment for lumbar stenosis that fits in the gap between conservative care and invasive surgery. FDA approved and covered by Medicare, this outpatient treatment is especially helpful for older patients and those not able to tolerate more invasive laminectomy to treat significant limitation in walking or continuous standing. Clinical trials indicated 90 percent patient satisfaction through 60 months. Successful reduction in leg pain was rated at 75 percent for Superion, which was better than a laminectomy and for the same evaluation period. No opiates are needed after this procedure.

Doctors Paul Hubbell, Barry Faust, and Donald Richardson understand that chronic pain, especially stenosis and resultant claudication, creates a prison for patients, disabling them from an active lifestyle. The stress from walking and standing pain negatively affects personalities and decreases freedom. If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact Southern Pain and find out if the Superion minimally invasive indirect decompression system or something else is right for you.

For information and scheduling at the Metairie, Marrero and Covington office, call 1-800-277-1265.

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