Paintball Command

If you have a gang that thrives on adventure, you’ll be happy to learn that adrenaline-filled, action-packed fun is just a short drive away. Located in Mandeville, Paintball Command is the venue for you if you’re looking for an intense outdoor experience.

Organized and Officiated

When you arrive, the staff at Paintball Command will assign your crew to a game. It is reassuring to know that every game is organized and officiated by trained staff members. Paintball Command uses formally trained referees and has PTI (The Paintball Training Institute) certified referee on staff. Fun and competition are the end result; however, before the games can begin, all participants complete an extensive safety and instruction session.

Typical to most paintball facilities, the minimum age to participate in the traditional game is 10 years old; however, Paintball Command is now also offering PeeWee Paintball for children ages 7-9. This allows for the younger set to play the game in a private setting with smaller caliber paintballs that are shot at a slower velocity.

Gear Up

After the gear has been fitted correctly and placed on each child, your group coordinator will divide your gang into two opposing teams. The two teams are given different colored wristbands so they can make the determination of friend or foe in the field. The teams can be divided at random or, in the case of a recent birthday party, divided by gender. This girls versus boys game ended up yielding the most competitive and laughter-filled game of all.

If you’re familiar with laser tag, it’s important to remember that paintball differs in that you’re out after you're hit the very first time. Therefore, strategy takes on a new, higher level of importance. Some kids chose to use the obstacles on the course to hide and shield themselves while others quickly went on the offensive and aggressively headed into enemy territory. In more advanced games, players can decide beforehand if a single shot takes you out of the game or if “wound” shots are allowed, but in the PeeWee games, to keep things simple, a single hit eliminates a player.

There are specific times on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons for PeeWee play. If your group consists of some children older than 10, they’re welcome to participate in the PeeWee games with their younger friends or siblings. And to make a birthday party even easier, outside food is welcome at no additional charge.

Show Up and Play

Most weekends, the facility is open for normal, walk-up play during regular hours; however, occasionally there are specific scenario ops that require pre-registration. Remember to check the calendar on the website or Paintball Command’s Facebook page for availability and pricing. You can arrive with one player or a group, and there’s a discounted group rate for 10 or more players. If you’re interested in a weekday game, you’ll need to contact the PC office, as these are only available by appointment.

The only thing you need to provide for your paintball adventure is a signed waiver for each person under 18; they provide everything else. Players are outfitted with goggles, vest, a tank with unlimited fills, paintballs, pod pack and paintball marker or gun. It is recommended that long sleeves and long pants be worn, since you’re literally running in the woods.

Just the Facts

Who: Paintball Command

Where: 21268 Emile Strain Road, Mandeville


•    Pee Wee Paintball for 7-9 year olds; Traditional Paintball for children and adults 10 years and older

•    All equipment, paintballs and marker included in field fee

•    Signed waiver is required for every player and is available at:



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