After months of planning and making decisions, your wedding day is finally in sight. In the run up to the big day, don’t forget to build in enough time to enjoy one of the best parts: that last bit of pampering.

As Virginia Walker, co-owner of Spa Manhattan (1901 Manhattan Blvd., Building B, 200B, Fountain Park Center, Harvey, 365-7001, says, “Don’t squeeze your manicures, facials and pedicures in at the last minute. Build in the time to relax and enjoy these services either by yourself, with your maid of honor or with your whole bridal party.”

The team at Spa Manhattan loves to turn a visit into a relaxing indulgence before the whirlwind of parties begins, Walker says. In addition to the services, the salon serves fruit trays and snacks, plus mimosas and other beverages to make it a real celebration. If there are five girls or more receiving three or more services, the salon automatically offers a 10 percent discount.

“We are also using a great line of products which have very low after-effects so brides can have deep cleansing facials a little before the wedding to get their skin in perfect, fresh, dewy condition,” Walker adds. “Obviously, if brides want to treat something more specific and have an anti-aging or Vitamin C facial or a peel, then we would definitely recommend having it 36 to 72 hours beforehand.”

Tammy Toca of La Riviera Salon & Spa (4506 Shores Drive, Metairie, 455-4247,, recommends that brides have facials at least a week before their wedding just in case of irritation. However, the salon uses a product line which works without any problems 99 percent of the time.  

“Most brides really look forward to coming in and spending time with their bridal party; they relax and enjoy themselves,” she says.

La Riviera Salon & Spa also offers brides a complimentary limousine service with six or more services and a minimum spend of $300. “We offer our bridal parties the exclusive use of our bistro area and serve complimentary snacks and champagne and provide a personal host to take care of all their needs,” Toca says.

Manicures and pedicures are definitely the most popular services but the bride and her party often have their hair and makeup done as well, she says. “It’s a very luxurious experience but still at a more affordable price point, right here in the heart of Metairie.”

Patricia Bereciartua, co-owner of Le Visage Day Spa (8110 Hampson St., 265-8018) has this advice for brides: “Ideally we like to see brides a few months or even a year before their wedding depending on what, if any, skin issues we need to treat.”

Le Visage Day Spa offers effective facials, peels and microdermabrasion for issues such as brown spots and discoloration, acne and fine lines and wrinkles. The staff can start the customized treatments at the spa and help clients use the right products at home to enable them to achieve their goals.
Nearer to the wedding day, the salon’s Vitamin C facial is popular with brides because it helps with fine lines, tone, texture and sagging. “The Vitamin C in the products we use for this, really clean, hydrate and leave the skin glowing,” Bereciartua says. “The makeup goes on so much better when the skin is ready.”

To complete their look, brides need to think about their eyebrows, as they can really differ from person-to-person. “They need to decide on how they want to look six months ahead of time in order to get them into perfect shape,” Bereciartua adds.

On the day of the wedding or the rehearsal, the salon often hosts bridal parties where they serve champagne and snacks in a private area.

Depending on how many events the bride is having and how long the honeymoon is, Bereciartua says, she should decide on a classic manicure or a shellac where the polish will last for at least two weeks.

Le Visage Day Spa offers a bridal special that includes a half-hour manicure, an hour pedicure, an hour facial and an hour of makeup for $230.

Katie Callia is the owner of My Spa By The Park (6312 Argonne Blvd., 482-2219,, a 4,800 square foot beauty emporium with a hair salon and nail salon downstairs and treatment rooms upstairs. “We see everyone who comes through the door as a guest,” Callia says. “For brides we like to set up our yoga room, complete with complimentary refreshments, as a special area for brides to relax and enjoy themselves.”

Callia adds that she likes to provide brides with a place to unwind and help prevent a breakout. The spa offers a wonderful Algo Mask facial which is great two or three days before the wedding. It is very calming and helpful for issues such as rosacea, acne and sensitive skin. It soothes the skin and prepares it for the make-up.  

For brides going somewhere hot on their honeymoon, Callia suggests a Vitamin C facial to help protect from the sun and probably gel nails, which lasts about three weeks so they don’t have to worry about chipping.

“Our prices are competitive too, especially compared to the hotel chains downtown, which is one less thing to stress about,” Callia says. “We do all we can to help them leave calm and ready.”