It’s our first Carnival season with parades since the pandemic started. Now what? Those of us who usually host one or more house parties during the season are probably rusty. Also, the pandemic hasn’t actually ended, rather we are just learning how to safely navigate the virus. If you are planning to join in the Carnival revelry by attending parades or hosting houseguests and attending or hosting gatherings, here are some past Bon Vivant posts and some by my colleagues about entertaining to refresh your memory, as well as a few other pandemic-related posts and Errol Laborde’s podcast “Beyond the Beads” to help keep your celebrations safe.


Carnival Safety Tips from New Orleans health director Dr. Jennifer Avegno.  

“Beyond the Beads” podcast, S3, Episode 2: Celebrating Safely with Dr. Jennifer Avegno


Host a safe gathering at your home.

Party People: Navigating Entertaining Etiquette, Pandemic Protocols and ‘Pods’


If you are feeling a little out of practice.

Informal Debut: Entertaining at home again


A sophisticated mocktail for your guests who aren’t drinking.

À Votre Santé: A zero proof French 75 when you want to be festive, but not too festive this season


Don’t forget to bring a gift for your hosts.

The Shop Talk blog is a great resource


Host family and friends comfortably, even if you don’t have a guest room.  
Provisional Lodging: Creating warm and inviting temporary guest accommodations


Set the tone for out-of-town guests.
Well Received: Greet guests with a welcome reception steeped in local sounds, scents and flavors


Be a tip-top houseguest.
House Rules: The art of being a great overnight houseguest


Avoid Carnival food and drink dilemmas.
Prêt à tout: A well-stocked kitchen keeps you prepared during Carnival and beyond


Gear up for the day with a little alone time.
Hotel Style: Create a bedside coffee station for a decadent wakeup call 



Have a happy and safe Carnival season!


Do you have a tried-and-true parade going, hosting or guest tip? Email Melanie@MyNewOrleans.Com.