You may be thinking, “Robert, why are you addressing a menu change at Papa John’s Pizza, when everyone knows that Papa John’s commercials are vicious attacks on decency and good taste?”

You are correct about the commercials, but the discontinuation of this particular item is important because the middle child in my home was promised a “Cinnapie” by her mother. I was at dinner with a friend yesterday evening, but on my return, I heard the tragic story.

The loss was revealed slowly. First, my wife attempted to order “Cinnapie” online. She searched the website, but could not find the magic button which, when clicked, would cause sugar-saturated pizza sprinkled with “cinnamon” to be delivered to our door. Eventually she called and learned the truth.

Tears were shed.

There is not, as it turns out, an adequate replacement for “Cinnapie,” and I feared our home would never recover. Things took a turn for the better, however, when I had a glass of wine. Also, I promised the children that somewhere, an enterprising young cook is already combining corn syrup and “cinnamon” with other foods normally only used in savory applications: corn dogs, perhaps, or pretzels. This seemed to perk them up, though that could be the wine talking.


In other news, hat tip to Times-Picayune restaurant critic Brett Anderson, without whom I would not have read the negative review that New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells wrote of the very expensive New York restaurant Per Se.

I’ve never been to Per Se, and I can’t dispute Wells’ description of his meals there, but I do know that Wells recently wrote a more or less glowing review of the chain restaurant Señor Frog’s in the same space. I have less than 100% confidence in Mr. Wells abilities as a critic, but I’m sure his review of Per Se was spot on.

In more important news, my friend Todd Price points out at that there will be a fundraiser this evening at One Eyed Jack’s from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. to benefit Julian Haney, who is being treated for leukemia. Julian’s father, Blake, is the guy behind Dirty Coast, and a swell fellow. You can find out more about the event, including the menu and drinks selection at the Raise: Julian facebook page, and/or eventbrite page, where you can also buy tickets. It’s only $50, and there will be a lot of great food and drink available, so I hope to see you there.



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