Every year on Christmas Eve, representatives from loyal New Orleans families wait outside Galatoire’s as early as 6 a.m., claiming their clan’s spot in the perennial, classic eatery. The tradition recently evolved from a simple queue of diehard diners to a full-fledged krewe and fundraiser – New Orleanians can turn anything into a party. The Krewe of 311 (Galatoire’s address on Bourbon Street) began with a few original families: the Terrell-Haiks, the Lewis-Stewarts, the Favrots, the Van Horns, the Reese-Churches and Ann and David Williams. They have adapted common objects into their royal threads: King and Queen carry French bread scepters and don paper crowns, while Bebe Terrell fastened the king’s cape from Saints T-shirts and tinsel. The first king and queen were Dr. John Church and Meg Stewart; this year marks the first philanthropic effort of Krewe 311. Members and Galatoire’s donated the $500 raised for the LA Restaurant Association Education Foundation. This year’s royalty included: King Charlie Van Horn; Queen Bebe Terrell; and Grand Marshal David Williams, who also founded the unconventional krewe.