NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Paradigm Gardens has created the first and only K-12 garden school in Louisiana. Our Montessori inspired, project-based curriculum will teach science, math, history, Spanish, carpentry, art, music, community service, reading & entrepreneurship through hands-on learning revolving around the rhythms of the many plants and animals at Paradigm Gardens. Paradigm School is 100% free of charge for all students/parents and is completely self-funded (no grants or donations) by our weekly Paradigm Plants Sales every Sunday.

We have been humbled by the tremendous interest from countless families, but we have capped our admissions at 10 students to be able to provide the highest quality and safest educational environment. Paradigm School consists of children from ages 4-16.

Monday will be held at Paradigm Gardens Tchoupotoulas campus, where students will learn about animal husbandry and raising bees as well as greenhouse management, carpentry, Spanish, and core course work. Lunch will be provided by one of our amazing partners, restaurant Turkey & The Wolf. Head Chef/Owner Mason Hereford will also be teaching a cooking class.

Tuesday is field trip day, when we visit museums, bakeries, the zoo, wood mills, other gardens, art exhibits, state parks, teach compass and map skills on scavenger hunts, take walking architecture tours, etc. These days will also be open to other families in the community to join along with Paradigm School. Field trip announcements will be made via our Instagram, @paradigm_gardens

Wednesday will be held at Paradigm Gardens main campus and will focus on reading and writing, the scientific method, individual projects, music. At the end of the day each Wednesday, we will cook a large family-style meal, using ingredients from the garden and invite a few homeless individuals to join us in our large family meal.

Thursday will also be held at Paradigm Gardens and will focus on math, scientific method, individual projects, health and art. Lunch every Wednesday and Thursday will be provided by our amazing partner, restaurant  The Daily Beet. Head Chef/Owner Dylan Maisel will also be teaching a fermented food class.

Sunday’s school day consists of the students working and running the weekly Paradigm Plant Sale event that funds the school, teaching them hard work and the value of hard-work and determination.

A big thank you to our wonderful partners; The Daily Beet, Gracious Bakery, Turkey & The Wolf, Drs. Comb & Lutz, and Happy Living Prep Meals.



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