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Party Time

Weddings are about celebration – bridal showers, engagement parties and even the wedding itself are each part of the festivities. Sometimes, however, those celebrations need a pick-me-up; a reboot to match the personalities of the happy couple. There is no rule that says bridal showers must be this frilly, Parisian overload or an engagement party is just hors d’oeuvres drinks and endless amounts of small talk. Spice things up, make this party fun for everyone. Instead of sticking with the norm, try for a non-traditional festivity.



Here are some party ideas and themes that we foresee guests talking about forever.


Stock the Bar – Traditional parties and showers stock the couple’s home with linens, kitchen appliances and accessories and other household essentials, but neglect certain key areas such as a couple’s bar. A stock the bar party allows for guests to bring their favorite wine and spirits to shower the couple with and supply their bar for future parties. This fête can be thrown by anyone, allows for costs to be allocated away from the bridal party or parents of the couple and makes for a fun way to include both male and female partygoers. This party can be an elegant affair or can be accompanied by a motif such as a 1920s, “The Great Gatsby.”


Stock the Grill – The concept is the same with stock the grill and stock the bar. If the couple has a great outdoor living space, why not help them fill the area with grilling necessities? For sports cities such as New Orleans, this gathering is a festive way to combine a shower with your favorite home team. Throw a tailgate party, watch the game and help the happy couple stock their grill.


Around the Clock – For the couple that has everything, an around the clock party allows friends and loved ones to shower them with love and less traditional gifts. Around the Clock is set up how it sounds. There are presents assigned to each hour of the day – waffle iron for 7 a.m., Panini maker for noon, ice cream machine for 8 p.m. and so on. This gives the couple with everything the opportunity to receive exciting gifts for their everyday activities.


Baking, Special Interest – Showers with a specific theme directed at the interests of the bride or groom make for a simple, easy and adorable soirée. For example, if a bride has an interest in baking, having a baking themed shower with presents that fit the interest. These parties would have the same idea as a traditional shower, but the gifts bestowed on the bride are more pointed.


Lingerie – A lingerie shower is another example of a festivity fit for a couple with everything. If kitchen utensils or bath mats aren’t needed, shower the couple with something they can both use. Pajamas, loungewear for around the house, racy items and joke gifts are all on the table. Lingerie parties can also be an entertaining addition to the bachelorette party.



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