Every day we make a choice to accomplish the things about which we’re passionate. Generally, we hope to take care of ourselves, our faith and our family, and enjoy the daily activity that provides us the means to pursue our passions.


Over time we may logically decide to learn about an interest, but an interest doesn’t become a passion accidentally. Remember the moment you felt a sense of purpose about someone or something. Those are the moments that define our being. Those are the phenomena that connect nature and nurture. Life is about those experiences.

Passion can be described as the feeling one has when the rush from your head hits your heart. It is a moment when you’re self-reflective and approve; when you fall in love, see hope, welcome life, experience pain and say goodbye. It is simply the moments you never forget.

I have been blessed and enjoy many passions. My family is my priority, and I use my faith to guide me as a women, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and nurse. My passion is the energy I feel when a new opportunity arises to make a difference. No matter how trivial, that feeling drives my head to make decisions that stem from my heart. Without passion, my decisions lack connectedness and can easily be swayed. Some would offer that passion is exhausting, but I find it can also renew.

It has been my experience that I only receive when I’m open to being passionate about someone or something. This is when we are most vulnerable. It means that sharing our feelings is worth the risk. No one is immune to the passion of disappointment when things do not go as envisioned, but without vulnerability we don’t remember our moments.
For me, purpose behind my passion helps me accomplish what I want to get done. We are all asked to do more with less. We strive to be conscious about balance in a world of temptation. When we’re spinning out of control it seems impossible to add more to our lives, yet giving to others becomes a gift back to ourselves.


This article is a tribute to those who volunteer. Volunteering can be a gift given or received. It can be financial or a donation of time and effort. It can be done at the end of your list of to-dos or it can re-align your prioritizes. It can be selfish and selfless. It is a passion for some, a purpose for others and even an afterthought.

I encourage anyone with interest and availability to share their time, talent and treasure working with those who share your passions. Consider prioritizing your passions by joining a board or signing up for a committee. If organized leadership isn’t for you, personalize how you impact others. There is no wrong way to connect a desire to help with an action.

I have been blessed to serve on many boards in the communities in which I have lived. My nature began in Cleveland, Ohio and I was nurtured in Washington, D.C. In New Orleans, I have received much from my involvements with the Junior League of New Orleans, New Orleans Communities in Schools, Louisiana Children’s Museum, New Orleans District Nurses Association, Louisiana State Board of Nursing, the Nursing Honors Society and the National League for Nursing. Blessings have come from committee work and various events that support our community organizations. The result of these activities is a renewed sense of self and energy to prioritize my passions. This sense of purpose drives what I accomplish each and every day. It is a foundation for me and my family. It connects me to those I love.

Saying Yes

Life is about experiences and there are so many opportunities to say “Yes!”

Join, accept, volunteer, sign a membership rooster, recruit, call for tickets, fund a circle of friends, attend an activity, champion a cause, market an event, walk in a race, show up for a shift, chair a campaign, be a patron, balance a budget, seek and then extend your involvement and, most importantly, put yourself in a place to experience more. Giving back is a wonderful experience and a reward in its own right.

With one life to live, we owe ourselves the opportunity. Make contact today and maybe you’ll find a new passion. Connect your heart to your head and it will help you prioritize so that you’re more balanced. It is the pursuit of the ultimate. The gift is the moment you’ll cherish forever and there’s no better time than now.

Thank you for the opportunity to share one of my passions. My wish is for you to enjoy and share your gifts this holiday season and into the New Year.