Patricia Brinson

Interior Designer
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Patricia Brinson has had a long career as an interior designer, but the secret to her success has more to do with a term usually reserved for the world of journalism: editing.

“Editing is one of the biggest things about design,” Brinson says. “You have to know how to pick the right pieces to have the whole look in a room come together.”

That process of focusing on what works and casting aside everything else has driven Brinson’s design philosophy for more than four decades.

“We can’t have every single thing we love out all the time,” she says. “It just doesn’t work. So editing, to me, is extremely important.”

Brinson says she loves to work with colors and comfortable pieces that bring out the best in any given space, from a renovation for a young couple in Old Metairie to a new St. Charles Avenue condo unit designed by Michael Carbine.

The young couple wanted to work in as many colors as possible, which Brinson says pushed her designs in new and interesting directions. 

“I do like to keep things fresh,” she says. “I love to make things comfortable, and I love to make things pretty at the same time.”

For her recent work in Carbine’s new construction, Brinson says she worked with her client to pick out the perfect pieces of furniture to bring life to the condo.

Together with the client, Brinson brought over older pieces, refinished others and purchased a few more. The key, she says, was editing.

“It’s amazing when you move things from one space to another. Sometimes they don’t work at all, and sometimes they just shine even more in the new space.”

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While Brinson said she remains firmly in the classical, antique-loving design camp, she always tries to find ways to surprise her clients and their future visitors.

“You have to have an air of excitement in your project, and surprise,” she says. “People love like a splash of a color in a room, where it’s like ‘oh, that’s such a surprise, I never would have thought of that.’”

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