Patty Selber Newton & Penny Selber Autenreith

Patty Selber Newton

Education: Southfield High School in Shreveport; Bachelors of Science from Louisiana State University

Family: Husband, Carl; children William, 19, Nicole, 16

Mentor: My dad

Penny Selber Autenreith

Education:  Southfield High School in Shreveport; Bachelors of Science from Louisiana State University

Family: Husband, Robert; children Erin, 12 and Robert, Jr.,14

Mentor: Dad and grandfather

I here are some traditions worth passing on. For sisters Penny Selber Autenreith and Patty Selber Newton, the most important are the ones that strengthen communities and family.

Their family has left its mark in Louisiana through community service for at least four generations and they're passing the tradition along to their children.

Great-grandfather William Burkenroad, Sr. was an early contributor to the New Orleans community, co-founding J. Aron and Company coffee importers
in 1898.

Penny volunteers with Communities in Schools in New Orleans and Patty donates her time to Volunteer Baton Rouge. Both have helped raised money for numerous organizations.

Penny and Patty's children are getting an early start in philanthropy. Each year, they donate a certain amount of Christmas money to a charity and have forgone birthday presents in lieu of collecting items for a needy charity.

Your family is a big supporter of education. Why is that? Penny: Our dad’s mother went to Tulane in 1922. Our grandmother and grandfather, Evelyn and Billy Burkenroad, went there as well. There’s the Burkenroad Report, a class for business students and Burkenroad Ethics award. When you walk into Tulane you can see his picture in the business school.

What did you do for fun growing up? Patty: Every summer the whole family went to Pass Christian Mississippi to fish, water ski, sail and crab.
What charities have your children donated to? Penny: Cancer research, Children’s Hospital, helping the homeless, Kidsmart in New Orleans. Patty: The SPCA and The Miracle League.

How do you keep the family together? Penny: Our parents take us and all the grandkids to the mountains each year. Even though some live in California and some live in Colorado, it keeps us all connected.
Was it fun growing up as four sisters? Penny: I can’t imagine raising us! We all dressed alike as kids. We wore the same outfits because our dad was in the retail business.
How will you continue your families legacy? Patty: We hope what we are doing to contribute in the community keeps our family name alive into the future.

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Patty Selber Newton & Penny Selber Autenreith


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