Perfect Pairs

Spring color combinations that’ll make your wedding hue dreams come true

Last week, we chatted with Diane Mouton of Fat Cat Flowers about what’s popular in spring flora. Among the mention of peonies, ranunculus and dahlias she commented on the growing popularity of this year’s Pantone color of the year when it comes to wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Living Coral is a vibrant color and, as Mouton noted, an easy pair with the popular blush and white combinations of wedding florals and color themes.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at other spring wedding combinations that pair well with this year’s “Living Coral.”

Naturally, coral fits cozily in with other pinkish hues. It’s bright, vibrant and can be elegantly paired with neutral-hued lines, bridesmaid dresses, table décor and more.

With its ocean-themed name, it’s no surprise “Living Coral” looks gorgeous alongside deep blue and green hues, giving your wedding a more nautical or ocean-front vibe.



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