I just read the article “Top Doctors” (August 2004). Dr. Chester Falterman and Dr. Leslie Levenson of the Heart Clinic of Louisiana were named in your magazine, but I think the group deserves a “Top Doctors” mention in your magazine. Dr. Frederick Kushner, Dr. Kenneth Kerut, Dr. G. Britton Mioton, Dr. Louis Glade, Dr. Robert Matheney, Dr. Samuel Ferris and Dr. Brian Cospolich – they are the best doctors and best bosses in the state of Louisiana, or the country for that matter. They give unselfishly to their patients and staff. Maybe I am prejudiced because I work for them, but they have saved more people and given so much that I feel they are wonderful. One of them saved my daughter’s life, and for that I am eternally grateful. The doctors’ combined strengths make up the best cardiology group around.

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