While fashion aficionados may be able to quickly identify a pear-shape diamond in a prong setting set on a slim, rose gold, diamond-studded band, the average Joe or Jane might just see a sparkling engagement ring that elicits an eyes-wide “Wow, that’s beautiful!”

Shopping for an engagement ring need not be intimidating—it starts with identifying your taste and that of your future spouse. Today’s options in engagement rings cater to all styles, from the vintage looks of previous generations to timeless and classic or flashy and bold.

According to experts at Clean Origin, a leading source of ethically produced diamond rings, popular engagement ring styles include Vintage, Classic, Three Stone, Solitaire, and Halo, each making its own statement about the wearer and couple.

“A stylish vintage-inspired piece will signify that your love is built to last, while a classic engagement ring showcases your straightforwardness and stability,” says Shannon Hayner, Clean Origin’s Marketing Manager. “A classic ring never goes out of style—it showcases a large stone, much like a solitaire but surrounded by smaller supporting diamonds.”

The cut of the diamond has significance, too. Princess-cut engagement rings signify timelessness and work well for the affectionate, fairy-tale couple, while engagement rings featuring emerald-cut diamonds combine sophistication with a touch of Hollywood glamour ideal for the flashier bride. Cushion-cut diamonds feature curved edges and rounded corners that denote a discerning, soft, and romantic relationship. Increasingly popular among buyers and celebrities are the oval-cut and pear-cut diamonds, which give the finger an elegant, elongated appearance perfect for trendsetters.

Clean Origin Princess Cut Solitiare 1

When planning to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, experts suggest being absolutely confident in your knowledge of their style and preference.

“Do they enjoy being understated and straightforward? Going with a solitaire is a pretty safe choice,” says Hayner. “If they have a more adventurous sense of style or an affinity to a particular retro style, that gives you direction to move in.”

Also, know your partner—would they prefer to help you decide? Going on the engagement ring shopping journey together is growing more common and may bring you closer as a couple.

Budgets are highly personal, and experts suggest talking to your partner to find out what they are comfortable with. Consider a larger stone or a better setting if you are saving cost on the center diamond. The old rule of spending three month’s salary doesn’t seem to resonate with modern shoppers. According to the Brides’ American Wedding Study, couples spent $7,829 on average on their engagement ring in 2018. In 2020, the average was just $3,756.

Clean Origins offers ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds for today’s impact-conscious couples. Shunning the pollution and unethical labor practices common in the diamond industry, Clean Origins also benefits shoppers with prices 20 – 40 percent less than traditionally mined diamonds. To determine your ring style, schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment, and view Clean Origins designs, diamond shapes, and traditional or colored diamonds, visit cleanorigin.com.

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