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Picture Perfect

Everybody wants to look great in photos – especially on your wedding day. Your makeup is an important part of your overall look; it should enhance your appearance and not make you feel like you’re wearing a mask. Since you’ll be photographed and/or videotaped, the camera lights are a specific concern. These lights tend to make the skin look paler and shinier, and makeup helps compensate this. Here are some tips:
Picture Perfect

1. Start with a good canvas. If you don’t have a regular skin-care routine, start one three to five months before the wedding. This will give your skin time to adjust. Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive or confusing. Use a basic cleanser morning and night. Exfoliate once or twice per week and use a  moisturizer twice per day. Lip balm keeps lips hydrated and soft.

2. On an everyday basis, a foundation with SPF is recommended, but on your wedding day use a foundation that doesn’t contain any sort of sunscreen ingredient. The ingredients in sunscreen reflect the photographer’s flash, making your face look lighter than the rest of your body. The reflection also washes out your features.
During formal portraits, the photographer can “bounce” the light, which neutralizes the SPF brightness but candid shots, photos during the ceremony and photos of the reception are not usually staged. It is best to eliminate SPF in your foundation altogether.

3. After cleansing, apply a foundation primer to your skin for an even, long lasting result. Primer fills in fine lines, large pores and other imperfections and is also available in color correcting versions to minimize redness, conceal under-eye circles and brighten your complexion.

4. Use an eyelid primer before applying eye shadow for long-lasting, crease-free results. Apply it from lash line to brow and let it set for a minute before putting
on eye shadow.

5. Use water-resistant eyeliner and mascara to define your eyes. It will prevent those smudges that occur when crying or sweating. If you think you may have a few tears during the ceremony, don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes.

6. Try a cheek stain for a long-lasting, natural-looking flush. See a makeup artist before your big day to try out different shades and learn how to apply it correctly. If stain is too tricky for you, stay with the
powder blush.

7. Set your concealer and foundation with sheer, loose oil-free powder. It keeps your face from getting shiny, sets your makeup and makes your skin appear matte in
photographs. Oil blotting papers are also great for throughout the day.

8. Exfoliate your lips with a wet washcloth before applying any lipstick. Line and fill your lips with a liner that closely matches the natural color of lips before applying
lipstick. Stay within the natural borders of your lips.

9. Choose a longwearing lipstick that has a decent moisture content, so it won’t dry your lips out. If you’d prefer to use regular lipstick, apply a thin layer over your lip liner with a lip brush and blot with a tissue then apply a second layer.

10. Go to a makeup counter for help choosing the shades right for your skin tone. Most women wear the wrong shade of foundation, which looks even more unnatural in flash photography. You can also get application tips and tricks.
Test drive your wedding day makeup a few weeks before the big day to make sure you don’t end up with any unexpected mishaps. Some foundations change color after a few hours and not all longwearing lipsticks are created equal. Try spraying your face with water, hanging out in the sun (if your wedding will be outdoors), drinking and hugging someone with a white shirt on to simulate events you’ll experience at your wedding.

Whether you apply the makeup yourself or not, if done with care, you’ll look and feel wonderful. The memento photos of your day will reflect the beautiful, radiant bride you’ve always dreamed of being.

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