Now that I have an amazing reception facility, you would think I could rest easy, right? No way! My next mission was to find the most important vendor of them all: the photographer. I knew this would be easy, considering I want my wedding day depicted in a certain style. Little did I know that there are so many great New Orleans photographers that do just that very thing.

I went to a few bridal shows and found that many photographers have begun to shy away from traditional wedding photography and move more towards photojournalism. This means that instead of having eight million pictures of your family, posed in straight lines, smiles plastered on their faces, what you get is a reel of candid photos with spectacular edits. I knew I wanted black and white photos where my fiancé and I would be the only people in color. I also wanted gorgeous shots of us toasting at our wedding cake where our champagne flutes are in the foreground, and we’re a blurry couple fading into the background. And I don’t want to stand for 45 minutes at the start of my reception, waiting for all of the formal shots to finish. Basically, I was very particular about having a certain kind of photographer. 

For me, choosing my “main man” was not a difficult task. I could tell you that I poured over Web sites and pricing, and stressed over this decision, but I can’t lie. My choice was Studio Tran Photography. Having attended weddings where Beebe Tran and his wife Corinne were the photographers, I knew I would be in excellent hands. 

I am weird about certain things, which I openly admit. For example, it is refreshing for me to know that the couple shooting my happily ever after is just as happily married themselves, which is evident in their interaction and throughout their Web site, Click through the site to find pictures of their son, family and silly things they’ve done just for the fun of their craft. During formal portraits at the reception site, they fly through those posed family shots – it’s amazing they are even taking pictures! 

You know when you’ve gone to a reception and the photographer has all these lights and various photo contraptions stationed all around the dance floor while people are dancing?  I think it’s all ridiculous looking. Big umbrella things in the background? Not something I particularly care for, that’s for sure. I can tell you, there are no photo contraptions or crazy lighting techniques. Beebe is right in the middle of the action, shooting candid shots in the most non-invasive way. You don’t even know he’s there. It’s crazy. And if you don’t believe that his photos are superb, take a look at some of his work. I assure you that it won’t take much convincing.

Studio Tran is not inexpensive, so if you’re looking for wedding photography at a bargain price, you may try to look elsewhere. But remember – the photos will be all you have after the big day is over. I can remember flipping through my mom’s wedding album as a child, enamored with how beautiful my parents looked on their wedding day. I want the same for my children. I want to be more beautiful than any other day in my life. And frankly, a lot of that is the photographer’s hands. So Beebe Tran – are you ready for this pressure? Are you ready to make me look amazing? I do not have an inch of doubt. 

Reception hall – check! Photographer – check! What to do next? Well…bridal gowns ARE on sale right now. I just might go try on a couple. Ok, ok…I really want to go put a dress on! I’m engaged for Pete’s sake! And though my wedding seems so far away, it is only fitting to begin trying on dresses to develop a sense of style for our big day. Who’s coming with me?