Is there a wrong way to experience a pineapple? Aside from accidentally sitting on the rind, the answer is no. It’s glorious in any form it arrives. Whether it’s wafting through the air via fruity sunscreen spray, embroidered on a cocktail napkin or painted on a handbag, it is the season to enjoy the tropical fruit in it all its iterations.

The only decision there is to make is whether to drink it, eat it, wear it or carry it! Perhaps, all of the above! 

Plates, Shopbop 

Pineapple Tote, Off Fifth 

Wallpaper, The Pattern Collective 

Pineapple Shirt Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue 

Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, Macy’s 

Pineapple Bandana, Shopbop 

Pink Wallpaper, The Pattern Collective 

Swimsuit, FarmRio 

Seek out these tropical craft cocktail to satiate your pineapple cravings: 

Cane and Table: 


Light version of a Pina colada, with house-made coconut cream, fresh citrus, pineapple juice, and rum 



J. Rieger’s Dry Gin, Orgeat, Pineapple, Lime 

Latitude 29: 


Jamaica and Virgin Islands rums swirled with coconut cream, lime and pineapple