Planning Ahead For Mother’s Day

In the last eight years of parenthood, I’ve learned that almost no two mothers are the same. Each is unique and bestows her maternal love in her own way. As a child, I remember thinking how much I liked a friend’s mom because she always dressed up in fancy clothes. I was mesmerized by the clinking of her armful of silver bangle bracelets and the perfectly curved outline of her bright red lipstick. She was so glamorous.  

Over time though, I realized that as intriguing and warm as she was, she was rarely home to physically be with us. She never made delicious snacks or danced or helped us play dress up (like my mom always did). This is not intended to criticize this mother, but rather to highlight something my own mother taught me recently. I was having a ‘bad mom’ feeling day, because I really struggled (failed to) watch my son get stitches in the ER. She said, “Penn, there is more to being a mother than ER visits.” This deeply resonated with me. I finally really understood what it is to be a mother. Every mother has their own strengths and weaknesses. None of us can do it all right. So, on Mother’s Day we must celebrate all the glorious things these women did or are doing right! For some, it’s showering their kids with affection, for others it’s staying calm in a crisis. Whatever the way, let’s show gratitude and thank the heavens for that person in our lives who is looking out for us!  

What can we give to honor the woman who brought us into this world and kept us alive? Finding a single gift to reflect this magnitude of appreciation is nearly impossible, but we have to at least try! The first thing we can do is plan ahead (you still have 11 days)! Yes, we are all busy but let’s avoid the last-minute Walgreens run for cards and candy and think of something more measured, shall we?  

Below is a list of ideas by personality. There are so many other “types” of mother figures out there we don’t have time to cover all. These recommendations barely scratch the surface! But, I do sincerely hope this list inspires you to bypass Walgreens and plan ahead for something special for the woman that always has you in her heart!  

The Green Thumb  

If mom is an outdoor, green thumb type of gal, consider a 40 minute masterclass with Erika Nolan of Instar Gardens on topics like growing lettuces and tomatoes. Erika also consults on everything from creating your own edible garden to entire project management. If your mom likes quality time, take her to the Paradigm Gardens monthly concert series in May. It’s a beautiful spot to stroll and listen to music. Of course, a gift card to Urban Roots or The Plant Gallery is a great gift for those moms who know what they want and do not like surprises.  

Planning Ahead For Mother's Day


Countryside Gardening Set, Judy at the Rink

Aged Pie Crust Pots, The Plant Gallery

Butterfly Garden Kit + Terra Cotta Watering Stakes, The Plant Gallery

Rechargeable Mister, Instar Gardens 

The Jill of All Trades 

Is mom a busy, overcommitted woman (most are)? Consider gifting a day pass to wellness one stop shop, Spyre Center. The center offers meditation and yoga classes as well as a la carte Dry Float or Infrared Sauna sessions  and more. If cutting edge regenerative care is what mom needs, the Vibrant Market recommends gifting mom a few sessions on their PEMF machine (it’s relaxing). According to Healthline, “PEMF therapy improves circulation and cellular functioning by increasing your body’s ability to release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide release is a common healing mechanism following injuries, and it may help reduce inflammation.”  The HydraFacial at Vibrant Market is another idea. This treatment boasts, “super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids, deluxe boosters, and LED light therapy. The facial will also include exclusive additions like deep facial massage to lift, sculpt, & lymphatic drain.”  

Let’s not forget that the busy mom needs to know what’s happening at all times. Try gifting a useful (but pretty) personalized daily calendar from Betty Hunley and to keep it all in one place, an oversized tote. This bag at Lucy Rose can hold your computer, kid’s lunches and anything else you want to throw in! 

Planning Ahead For Mother's Day


Leather Phone Case, Sotre Collection

Mousepad Planner, Alexa Pulitzer

The Mind Energizing Tonic, The Vibrant Market

Phone Grip, Lionheart Prints

Alice Large Tote, Ballin’s

Refillable Sport Pen, Lionheart Prints 

Planning Ahead For Mother's Day

The Entertainer  

Does mom like to entertain? Then she’s always in need of new, fun serving pieces! There are some adorably patterned melamine platters and dishes at Phina that any entertainer would covet. Super casual and easy to clean! Oh and if you need spring colored cookware, how cute is this lavender pot and pan from Our Place? While we are on the spring-colored theme, the Hilltop Shop on magazine has some beautiful confection colored glassware, platters and more.  


Bamboo Melamine Tray & Plates, Phina

China Blue Placemat, Hazelnut

Pink Pitcher, Hilltop Shop 

Walnut Spoons, Sunday Shop

Cake platter, Hilltop Shop 

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