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Please Be Seated

            When it comes to weddings, seating charts are rarely discussed and you’ve probably only seen one in movies. Buffet lines and serve yourself stations have become the norm when it comes to a wedding reception. Gone are the days of large poster boards, mock table settings and deciding which family member can’t sit next to the other. 

            But for those wanting to take a more traditional route, or who don’t like buffet style receptions, there are a plethora of digital options to bring your seating charts into the 21st century.

            Two solid resources to help with seating are WeddingWire.com and AllSeated.com.




WeddingWire.com is an all-inclusive site that helps couples plan every detail of their wedding, from the seating chart to the wedding website. Couples can make checklists and budget sheets, but the seating chart is extremely helpful and user friendly when it comes to planning. Once you have made your Wedding Wire profile, you can upload your guest list directly to the website and set up the dimensions of your reception area. The guest list option helps you organize your guests by each household and whether they are family, friends or part of the bridal party.

Once you have all of your tables set up in your seating demo, you just simply click and drag each family or couple to the appropriate table and switch them around accordingly.

Another fun aspect is the option to add extras. Each wedding has a bar, food area, dance floor, and so forth that must be considered in the layout. Wedding Wire offers the option to place these items in your example plan to account for space and layout.


Please Be Seated
Please Be Seated



AllSeated.com is another favorite for planning your reception design down to a T. With the same seating and guest list idea as Wedding Wire, All Seated is generated for any and all parties or functions that may require a seating chart. All Seated also gives you the option to print out reports for any corporate or other functions. The site allows you to upload your guest list and map out the dimensions and floor space of your reception venue. It also allows for the addition of ceremony seating. If you are having your ceremony in the same location as your reception, this feature will definitely help.

All Seated can also be used for a rehearsal dinner seating arrangement or any other wedding festivity you may have.  You can add as many events as you need and have the ability to edit and work on them at the same time.


Please Be Seated
Please Be Seated




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