Armand St. Martin is a New Orleans musician and composer. In this podcast, St. Martin talks about the annual event – Katrina Artistically Revisited – he has been producing since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. The 2013 event is happening Wednesday, Aug. 28, at Canal Place. One of the songs St. Martin will perform is titled “Orleans Lullaby,” a song he wrote in the wee hours of the morning following Hurricane Katrina. In addition to musical performances, the event will have films about the story of the devastating hurricane that brought so many changes to New Orleans.

In the podcast, St. Martin also describes his album, Alligator Ball, which includes 17 original songs. A companion booklet accompanying the album has prose stories that describe each song. St. Martin explains the concepts behind his work and gives us excerpts from three of his unique compositions, including one called “Pot Holes and Politicians.”

Listen to the podcast here.