Martha Landrum is the vice president of marketing and communications for the Greater New Orleans Foundation. In today's podcast, Landrum tells us about an exciting new initiative called Impact 100. This group of 100 New Orleans women seeks to facilitate transformative change in local nonprofit organizations in a unique way: each woman annually contributes $1,100 toward the project. The group then gives the sizable gift to a local nonprofit organization. As Landrum explains, the city has many nonprofit organizations that do wonderful work, and after much consideration, the women of Impact 100 decided to give $100,000 to an organization that provides youth development services: the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP). In this podcast, Melissa Sawyer, the co-founder and executive director of YEP, also joins us to talk about Impact 100's wonderful gift and to describe some of the new programs and services YEP has developed to help at-risk youth in New Orleans. 

Listen to the podcast here.