The Beauregard-Keyes House is an historic house located in New Orleans' French Quarter. Built in 1826, it was the home of Louisiana-born Confederate General P. T. Beauregard. In the 1940s, Frances Parkinson-Keyes, author of Dinner at Antoine's, the famous mystery novel set in New Orleans, purchased and restored the house and its adjacent gardens. The prolific writer, who authored 51 books, lived in the home until her death on July 3, 1970. According to some, the Beauregard-Keyes House has a very unusual ghost. In this podcast, tour guide Ott Howell tells us about the ghost, and also explains why the large home has only two bedrooms. Howell describes some of the objects that fill the house, such as Keyes' doll and fan collections, photographs and antique paintings.

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