Poetry in a Glass


Laura Bellucci created this absinthe inspired daiquiri, as an homage to the 19th century French poet, Charles Pierre Baudelaire, an early advocate of “art for art’s sake.” After spending time in the Caribbean, his writing frequently referenced that tropical paradise, and he saw drugs and alcohol as the best route to said paradise. His philosophy was “Be drunk always!” It’s apt that Laura would name this mix of a Caribbean rum and French absinthe for him. Laura moved to New Orleans in 2011, heading the program at Sobou and later launching the now sadly closed Belle Epoque absinthe bar. The city’s positive energy is what drew and kept her here. She mused, “The focus on personal joy that is inherent to life in this city is so beautiful.” Post-pandemic, Laura is eager to join friends again and spend that time celebrating. Looking ahead she noted that “October will be one of the craziest festival months the entire time I’ve been here.” Baudelaire would approve.

The Baudelaire 

1.5 ounce Papa’s Pilar Blonde rum

0.75 ounce Lucid absinthe

0.75 ounce lime juice

0.75 ounce spiced simple syrup (see recipe)

Lime zest

2 dashes Bitter Queen tobacco bitters

Add all ingredients to shaker, shake aggressively and double strain into coupe, garnish with lime ribbon


Spiced Simple Syrup

3 sticks cinnamon

3 pods cardamom

2 star anise

1 teaspoon coriander

2 cups sugar

1.5 cup water

Heat all ingredients on very low for 40 minutes. Strain and refrigerate. Syrup keeps for one month in the refrigerator.

  1. Lucid absinthe was created for mixing in cocktails. Absinthes can differ greatly, so whichever you choose can really alter the drink.
  2. The aged rum plays nicely with the absinthe. If you swap the kind of rum, make sure to use something with age.
  3. Tobacco bitters don’t actually contain tobacco, but have a smoky flavor that evokes it.


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